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Eklyps was born from the combination of two ambitions: to make the market of promotional objects accessible to European companies in the best price conditions while contributing to global efforts to reduce the impact of man on his environment and improve the human condition .

Our years of experience on a global scale enable us to meet our customers requirements by guaranteeing them of unyielding professional ethic with regard to the respect of European standards and the treatment of human resources.

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Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the market, we produce items in the best price conditions without speculating on quality or compromising our values.
Strict supervision of the production lines entitles us to guarantee a product that exactly meets your specifications. All our products are subject to a final inspection by external partners whose fame ensures the highest standards.
Purchased products are fully compliant with EU standard & other legal requirements.
Optimized logistics

Optimized logistics

Transportation costs are continuously increasing and the pollution it generates has a bigger and serious impact on planet and its people.
We carefully study each of your need according to the weight-volume of the objects, the delivery time, the place of departure and arrival to find the solution with the lowest carbon impact.
Certified in "Logisitics management", our team investigate all available transportation solutions: sea, air, road, rail, multimodal ... and this, by demanding from our partners a concrete implication in respect of the environment.
For a greener future

For a greener future

Many countries generate considerable waste by producing with non-recycled and / or non-recyclable raw materials, notwithstanding the fact that this is very often possible without any qualitative loss.
In addition to the choice of ecological raw materials, we support a continuous reflection, from the creation of the object to the delivery, to reduce our impact on the environment and for a responsible management of the consumption.
Ethical products

Ethical products

The promotional object, by its very application, often involves an urgent need and a limited lifetime. This makes it unfortunately quick to trade shortcuts.
Our years of experience on a global scale enable us to meet the needs of our customers by guaranteeing them an unyielding professional ethic with regard to the respect of European standards for products and the treatment of human resources.

Our one and only priority is the

customer satisfaction

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